Smoked and hot smoked salmon full of aromas and flavours, tender texture, delicately smoky from The Seafood Charcutier

Campsie Glen Smoke House, « The Seafood Charcutier », artisan Scottish salmon smokers

Innovative techniques inspired by charcuterie processes: giving more time for curing and drying than other smokers as well as constant rigorous controls.

  • Rigorous selection of Scottish salmon
  • Salmon are skinless : All deep skinned resulting in less brown meat
    • It makes the smoking stage a very delicate process but increases and concentrates the flavours and aromas
    • Appearance is more appetising as the fish is smoked on all sides
  • Dry curing by hand
    • Curing lasts between 3 and 7 days. It optimises the fish quality.
  • Drying
    • The process lasts between 8 and 12 hours
    • The carefully controlled air temperature allows for 25% of moisture content to be removed and contributes to the final wonderful texture and taste of the fish
  • Smoking
    • The process takes place at the same time as the drying process in a kiln
    • Oak wood is mixed with cherry wood to add a sweet roundness
    • For hot smoked salmon, cooking and smoking are done at the same time in the kiln

“Freshness And Origin, 27 for Traceability” is our motto……Seafood the right way