Quality Scottish Seafood

Truly delicious cured herrings using only the finest ingredients, no artificial colouring or flavouring

Orkney Food Company, Traditional recipes and methods from Orkney for the best Cured Herrings

Owned by the Paterson family, Orkney Food Company can trace back its links with the fishing and selling of herrings industry to the 1920s.

It is in the 1970s that the Paterson family starts to produce its own range of cured herrings and packing them at the time in wooden barrels for export.


  • Orkney Food Company is run by James Paterson, 4th generation
  • Based in Buckie in the North East of Scotland
  • Their focus is on producing cured herring following traditional methods and recipes from Orkney, hence the name Orkney Food Company.

Proud of its heritage and traditions, Orkney Food Company commits to producing the very best Cured Herring