Scottish artisan salmon smokers with innovative techniques inspired by charcuterie processes

Smoked and hot smoked Scottish salmon from “The Seafood Charcutier”, Campsie Glen Smoke House

Founded by Duncan Smith, Campsie Glen Smoke House is a small Scottish artisan family business. Based in the North of Glasgow, they are specialists in producing unique smoked and hot smoked salmon.

Originally from the Isle of Lewis in the Hebrides, North West of Scotland, Duncan combines experiences from 3 generations and charcuterie techniques used in making the famous Spanish ham « Pata negra ». They give more time for curing and drying than other smokers and apply constant rigorous controls.

These techniques have given him the name of « The Seafood Charcutier ».

Campsie Glen Smoke House range of smoked and hot smoked salmon is unique on the market.

  • Island cure : With dried Hebridean seaweed to give you a subtle taste of the sea
  • Highland cure : The classic
  • Lowland cure : Slightly sweeter than the Highland cure

Campsie Glen Smoke House received The Great Taste awards from the Guild of Fine Food, given to the best food artisan producer.

“Freshness And Origin, 27 for Traceability” is our motto……Seafood the right way