Quality Scottish Seafood

“FAO27″ by Interseafood Scotland Ltd, a brand guarantee for true origin, traceability and commitment.

A beneficial collaboration for you

  • Consolidation of you orders and seafood sales invoices if required
  • A strong partnership with Latitude 66 in France to serve your needs
  • A bilingual and responsive team to serve you
  • A strong and experienced sales team to serve your interest
  • A strong European customer portfolio, interested in quality produce
  • A permanent control of the seafood products with our team based at the source and in Boulogne
  • Our work ethic: returning the best possible price to our partners


Intersea Food Scotland Ltd, founded in 2009 and based in Scotland and in France, is managed by professionals with over 20 years’ experience in the seafood industry and international markets.

We work closely together for a handful of carefully selected Scottish seafood processors and boats, each with their own reputation for excellence, gained on the basis of the products supplied be it hand-filleted fish fillets, salmon or shellfish from the crystal clear waters off the Scottish West Coast.

We are not just another “trader“– we pride ourselves that we work for the interest of our boats and seafood processors and market their brand and seafood in the best possible manner and in partnership. Our activity is classified as a brokerage service as opposed to trader.

We are also involved in Scottish fishery matters and are concerned about fish sustainability and traceability. We implement our own measures with our partners to make sure that our supply chain respects the environment and contributes to maintaining fish stocks around the globe.

The brand “FAO27, seafood the right way” encompasses all of the above and is a testimony of true origin.

“Freshness And Origin, 27 for Traceability” is our motto……Seafood the right way